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Batch A

30 Sep 2020

Batch A:

Small Herbivore A & B: (Homalocephale, Avaceratops)
Homalocephale and avaceratops both cover the range of small “but I will headbutt you, my friends, and the tree” dinosaurs. Avaceratops, despite being a retro animal, was never given proper attention or playability so we feel this is a solid addition alongside homalocephale to provide players with two creatures that can joust, headbutt, and spar amongst themselves, with the possibility of burrowing to prevent their imminent homa-cide.

Small Carnivore: (Troodon)
Nocturnal, venomous, and absurdly horrifying to hear. Everyone wants troodon, and we’re pretty sure there’s already an unspoken rule that any troodon is part of the horde. Capable of hunting small creatures with raw damage from claws, venom and time will bring down larger animals, if a true-don is willing to sacrifice so the horde may eat.

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