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Batch C

29 Sep 2020

Batch C:

Small Herbivore A: (Beipiasaurus)
Beipiasaurus is the first small, considerably outlandish introduction to the island. We want to move this batch into an aquatic theme, and placing the beipis towards something that resembles a penguin's movement in the water while still being able to move a bit on land. Dietary and societal needs for this dinosaur is focused all around water and the consequence thereof to see how this affects carnivore movement and behavior.

Medium Carnivore A & B: (Suchomimus or Baryonyx & Deinosuchus)
Having an herbivore consistently in a water environment, be it rivers, swamps, or both, dictates the necessity of having a carnivore that shares the same environment. This lingering threat will give beipis something to consider when entering the water, and none of the suggested carnivores have any distinct or powerful advantages on land.

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