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Batch D

29 Sep 2020

Batch D:

Small Herbivore A & B: (Pachycephalosaurus & Diabloceratops)
So, much like Batch A, this is the larger “I will headbutt you, my friends, and the tree” batch, but this time things die, so that’s neat. In reality, this piggybacks off of the sparring mechanics we want to introduce with homalo and avaceratops, just ramped up with size to accompany this batch’s predator.

Small Carnivore A: (Ceratosaurus)
Everyone remembers the ceratosaurus’s retro-life and plans, but we unfortunately stopped his development to move towards EVRIMA, so it seems only fair to bring it back into play. A beefy, brutal brawler that is meant to sustain the most grievous of injuries, ceratosaurus will be one of the few exceptions that can both cannibalize its own species, and eat the most putrid carcasses without concern.

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