Isle Devblog #3 : Now with less Animal Instant Transmission

Programming - Adam - dmIV
Having a bit of calm after the storm that was the push to get EVRIMA into your hands I went on a break to make up for the extra hours that were put in. This makes the month's update shorter than normal and even that is just going to be me talking about bug fixes. One of our ...

Isle Devblog #2: EVRIMA and the Nightmare Hellscape that is this update.

Dondi - The Director, Kindest Man Alive

Well, it's been over a month since we bootlegged Isla Spiro into existence from a heightmap that was planned for a second island, which has been my primary focus. A lot of my time and effort ping-ponging in between backend and ultimately uninteresting things ...

EVRIMA Target Date
Hey Islanders, just a small announcement to let everyone know that we are targeting June 14th-20th for the release of EVRIMA. We're all super excited to get EVRIMA into your hands and eagerly look forward to all of your feedback!
Isle DevBlog #1
Survivors? Islanders? What even do we call all of you at this point, something to consider for the future as we do more of these Dev Blogs. We’ve been watching Discord, Reddit and the commentary on many of the content creators’ videos, streams, and even our own chats.